Mike Bramworth

A note from Mike - Nupe Co-Founder & CEO

Hi there,

Having met hundreds of people in New Product Development over the years, it's been fascinating to see how they address those same burning questions: How many projects do we have? Is this the right direction for the future? Can we cope? Is there anything smarter we can do?

By my reading, business to date respond in one of three ways. One – live in darkness and hope it all turns out well in the end. Two – employ Process Managers and their spreadsheets. Three – bring in a team of consultants and software installation combo.

The reason for starting Nupe is that I’ve met many small and medium sized businesses that feel exposed. They desperately want portfolio control, but don’t have the time, money or appetite for an expanding back-office or for another internal project.

If this is you, then we think you’ll love Nupe. It’s a radically simpler way of managing your portfolio. Our promise is a fresh approach with no clutter and no complexity – minimal features and sensible pricing.

Take a look for a zero hassle demo.

We’ve designed the set-up process to be a satisfying experience. You should be able to get started over a coffee. Select the 'edit', pick a template and you're away! If you would like more customization, we have a wonderful team of 'Cloud Partners' who can help configure nupe to your own exact process. To speak to a Cloud Partner then get in touch here.

May I wish you all the best with your Product Development.



Mike Bramworth

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  1. We have a ‘one product’ design philosophy. This means Nupe was designed from the beginning to work beautifully on all modern browsers running on any web accessible smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. We think you’ll appreciate the difference.